Biggest 10 Art Competition

  • Texas BIGGEST 10 for Art week is July 16 through July 24, 2016

    Opening Reception July 23, 2016

    Exhibition will run from July 20 through September 4, 2016


    Texas BIGGEST 10 for Art Winners


    High School:


    Rob Crow, Fruit Loops and Milk

    Rob Crow, Up or Down?

    Megan Harris, Jack


    0 - 5 Years Of Experience:


    Anonius Bui, Sacrifice 1

    Noriko DeWitt, A Mountain Stream near Guanella Pass

    Noriko DeWitt, Take the \'A\' Train

    Heather Patterson, Loneliness of Light

    Kaylee Bruggerman, Peace and War

    Rajab Sayed, like a boy of summer

    Rajab Sayed, Meryl

    Graciela Socorro, Bindu Colony Detail

    Jeannice Gordon, Blessed

    Catherine Hicks, Diego's Chica (portrait of Frida)


    6 - 12 Years Of Experience:


    Rebecca Braziel, Hang

    Cameron Doby, Beu Ind Nol Dith

    Tess Doyle, Untitled

    Suzy Gonzalez, Figure 7 from
    What Are The Conditions That Led Us To This?

    Valerie Gudell, MechaMadlMonster

    Dan Lam, Acceptance

    Carol Lyon, Sasquatch

    Carlos Ocando, Suburban Landscape

    Shannon Thacker, Inversion

    Katya Vassilyeva, Gates


    13 – 20 Years Of Experience:


    Ivan Camarena, Monstrous Mensos

    Ken Mazzu, Echoes of Oblivion

    Ken Mazzu, Old Houston Club

    Kenna Prior, Rubber Dolly

    Kenna Prior, Evidence

    Carolyn Watkins, Candy Aisle

    Natalia Scheib, Lake Tahoe, CA

    Patrick McGrath, The Flood

    Patrick McGrath, Pasithea

    Trish Igo & Jill O'Brien, Fur Ring


    + 20 Years Of Experience:


    Patricia Chambers, Pool Hours 9-5

    John Cole, The Mow Man

    Rob Clark, Self Portrait Yates Poem

    Daryl Gannon, Upon a Cloud

    Wayne Lambert, Pirate & Pig

    Wayne Lambert, Stingray

    Chalda Maloff, Snake Pit

    Achim Burgardt, Saturday Study

    Karen Ferrer, Geri 514

    Carolina Buitrago, Evolution


    Texas BIGGEST 10 for
    Art Creative Inspirations Winners

    Kelly Johnson, Silence with Jennie C. Jones

    Mara Soloway, Chuck Hipsher Takes Bold Artistic Steps

    Thank you to all who entered! Be sure to submit this fall for the 2017 Texas BIGGEST 10 For Art Competition!




    5 Art experience categories of the following:
    High school junior / senior
    0 - 5 years
    6 - 12 years
    13 - 20 years
    Over 20 years
    This is a juried competitions.


    Cash prizes of $500 each, 10 winners per category. Texas Biggest 10 for Art winners will be shown on this website along with being exhibited in the Summer of 2016 at the KCAM - Katy Contemporary Arts Museum.

    Entry Fee: $35, 2 submission minimum
    Additional Entries: $15, 6 submission maximum total
    Late Entry Fee after March 1, 2016: $55
    Late Additional Entries after March 1, 2016: $25





    4 writing categories of the following:

    Texas Art
    Texas Artists
    Texas Art Scene
    Texas Art Culture
    This is a juried competitions.

    Cash prizes of $100 each, 1 winner per category. Texas Biggest 10 Creative Inspiration winners will be featured on the Big 10 website. Excerpts from submissions may also be featured on Texas Biggest 10 social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter.

    Entry Fee: $10, no minimum entry and 6 entry maximum
    Late Entry Fee after March 1, 2016: $20


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